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The Ultimate Guide to Innovating
with the UK Energy Networks

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The UK Energy Networks are searching for innovators to transform our energy system

The EIC's Ultimate Guide to Innovating with UK's Energy Networks is designed to help innovators like you to get involved with the UK's energy industry transformation.

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The guide aims to provide you with the most up-to-date information to navigate and innovate with the UK's energy networks.

In this free guide, you will discover:

  • Why the energy networks need new innovators
  • The innovation process
  • How innovation funding is accessed
  • Responses to your frequently asked questions
  • A dedicated support page with key resources to help you on your innovation journey

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About the EIC

The EIC provides a shared platform which brings energy network partners and innovators together.  We facilitate the innovation process that takes innovation from ideas to business as usual.

Innovators are being called upon by the energy networks to submit their commercially and financially viable solutions via the EIC.

Acting on behalf of and as a voice for the innovators, the EIC provides innovators with signposting to funding, industry insight, project support and support in the commercialisation of successful solutions and products.