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Innovator Insights Survey Report 2022

We offer surveys on the following experiences within the Energy Industry:

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Have you recently taken part in one of our question and answer sessions? We'd love to hear your feedback.
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Presentation Days

Have you recently joined us on one of our presentation days? We'd love to hear your feedback. 
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If you have recently proposed an idea to the team, let us know what we could do better. 

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"We collectively welcome the engagement of our innovation SME community with the EIC to provide us with a breadth and depth of insights across the end-to-end process of innovation deployment. Whilst it is encouraging to note that progress has been made in key areas, we know there is more work to be done to address the barriers to Innovation identified. Doing so is critical to ensure that the investment we make in innovation projects results in the effective and timely implementation of innovation that ultimately delivers consumer benefit. The EIC Advisory Board welcome and accept the feedback and the recommendations made following analysis by EIC, and we look forward to working collaboratively with the innovation SME community to ensure we deliver tangible and long-term improvements for everyone involved."

Nicola Todd
National Grid Electricity Transmission,
Chair of the EIC Advisory Board, on behalf of EIC Network Partners

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The EIC Partnership is continually looking to improve the support provided to innovators in order to accelerate the deployment of innovation and as such, it actively seeks out and listens to the feedback and suggestions provided by innovators.

Through this feedback, the EIC and the UK energy networks can determine areas for improvement in delivering support, guidance and information.

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